Ireland Part II: From Cork to Waterford via Distillery, Factory and Castle

So, in a lot of guides and reviews, I found that Blarney Castle gets a bit of a bad rap, often called a tourist trap or not a very good castle. Since we were in the area on a Sunday (and nothing else was open besides this and the Jameson Distillery) we gave it a go. It was definitely worth a morning of exploring. The castle itself is somewhat deteriorated, and yes, some of the humor on the signs may be a bit tacky but the view from the top of the castle is quite impressive and while it is a ruin, I have been to castles/cathedrals in far worse condition than this one. We did kiss the Blarney Stone, I know, ultimate tourist, but we were there anyway so what the hell. A man holds you as you lean backward, not quite dangling, to kiss said stone while photos are snapped to be sold in the gift shop. Don’t worry there are safety bars to prevent you from actually falling. The exhibits on the history/lore surrounding the castle are quite interesting, and the Poison Garden