What is the best travel resource?

Do you follow a zillion travel blogs for inspiration? Do you prefer the eye appealing Pinspiration? Are you a trip advisor kind of traveller? Or do you prefer trusted guides on paper? Or do you go on full service tours and excursions that take the research out of it? I’m sure most people, like me,…

Hostel vs. Hotel: The Debate

Searching for lodging is one of the most important parts of traveling, as where you stay can make or break your trip.  Being too far from city center or not getting enough sleep due to noisy neighbors leads to unnecessary frustration (at least for me!).  Over the past year, our travels in Europe have brought…


To date, this has been of my favorite cities to visit (apologies to anyone who has been around me since I’ve gotten back and has already heard this, possibly more than once). Warm weather, sun, outdoor places to drink, an awesome park, museums and fantastic food and beer. And castles/palaces. It’s pretty hard to beat….

 Summer in the Lakes

Everyone tells me that Cumbria gets the worst weather in England, and it seems to be true.  This summer is unlike one I’ve ever experienced at home in the states; I can count the number of times I’ve worn shorts all day on one hand and the temperature seems stuck in the 60’s most days….

Show your World: Autumn in Connecticut

Feeling a little nostalgic and homesick this week, so for Tiny Expats show your world project, I did a quick description of my old hometown in Connecticut.  Not the one I grew up in, but the most recent hometown, where I lived the longest since I left my parents’ house. . The air is crisp…