The Trip that Almost Wasn’t 

I’ve been looking forward to travelling to Switzerland for a long time, we made plans to meet Lucas’s friend who is currently studying in Zurich and spend a few days in the alps. Turns out, this was the only gap in our travels long enough to accommodate getting our new residence permits before our visas expire. With an inside  contact at the home office confident that our passports would be in our hands days before take off, we sent them off via courier. Fast forward a month (and taking a half day off work to have biometrics taken as soon as possible), and it’s 48 hours until we’re meant to leave and the passports are nowhere to be seen. Worse, when I used the Home Office’s tracker, it only recognized one of us had ever submitted information. Cue the meltdown.

The trip to the alps was supposed to be a respite from the ‘will we won’t we’ stress of staying or going and endless contract negotiations, and now, it appeared even that was going wrong.  Thoughts of contingency plans danced in our heads. I started looking up how much money we could get back from our Airbnb and hotels (none, it turns out) and whether we could change our flights (for a fee). Meanwhile, we’re starting to file repatriation paperwork since our contract is still nonexistant. A month ago, I was confident we had another year left in the UK, now I’m thinking the odds are 50/50…or less.

Fortunately, our passports came through at the last minute. Some  angry phone calls may have been made, and Lucas had to take the morning off work to wait for the passport delivery, but we finally received them (the day we were meant to head to the airport). It was worth the hassle, the alps were as gorgeous as advertised, and I ate more cheese than in any other 4 day period. Blog posts about our trip to Zurich and the alps coming soon! In the mean time you can check out my Instagram!

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    Sorry you had to go through that, Amanda, but so happy it worked out. Switzerland’s alpine views are not to be missed! It’s a location that holds a special place in my heart.

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  2. The views were amazing- I’m so glad it all came together at the last minute! Where did you visit in Switzerland?


  3. The al[ps must of been an incredible visit. Bet that was worth the hassle.


    1. Definitely, Add to dictionary is absolutely gorgeous !


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