I may be crazy for thinking this will be possible, but somehow, I have signed myself up for three major events, which take place within a 3 week span.  Accidentally, of course.

1.  The PE exam, which I found out I got accepted to take last week is October 24. Which I have committed to studying at least 10 hours a week for starting mid-August.  (Its an 8 hour exam about everything you ever learned about engineering and if you pass you get your license! yay!)

2. A Marathon.  My first full.  Which is October 5. The Wineglass Marathon is mostly downhill (hooray for point to point!) but still. 26.2 miles is a lot.  I’m currently up to 12 mile long runs, with a 13 miler coming up this weekend.

I guess I didn’t realize how big the jump was until now that my training runs are starting to exceed what I have ever done before.  My water belt has been replaced with a camelback style hydration backpack, I’ve had to buy more comfortable/better running clothes to go the distance and I have a feeling my shoes are going to wear out much faster.

3.  The Big Move. Which will take place at some point after the first two events, when I buy a one way ticket to the United Kingdom.  Yikes.

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