Thoughts on Repatriation

The last few months have been a blur- I’ve visited new countries, attended the World Cup and started making preparations for the move back to the USA.  We’ve known for a year that we’d be moving home this autumn, but as the days get shorter and the summer finally seems over (it’s almost cold enough to turn the heat on today!) it’s starting to feel real.

Our two cats flew stateside last week, making the long and expensive journey in Virgin Atlantic Cargo.  After several stressful vet visits and scheduling calls, we breathed a sigh of relief when my parents picked them up at JFK!

I quit my job a few weeks ago as well- planning an international move takes up a lot of time and we have lots of final trips planned for the last few months. I’m training for two marathons – Berlin and NYC and trying to find a new job now that we know where we’re living. I was worried I’d have too much free time, and while I have managed to catch up on some Netflix shows, I’ve been pretty busy.

I drafted a few posts about reasons I was excited to move back and things I’d miss about life in England, but they ended up being a bit on the depressing side and stayed in the draft folder.  I think it was hard to get excited when we weren’t even sure what state we would be moving to. Now that we know I’ve started looking for apartments and jobs and am getting a bit more optimistic about moving back. It will be strange to feel like a stranger in my own country, but there is a lot to look forward to!

More blog posts coming soon!

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  1. Excited to follow this journey of yours. Welcome back!

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    1. Thanks! Looking forward to it!

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