48 Hours in Amsterdam (Part 2)

Amsterdam 2015 056
Taken from our canal tour… slightly blurry

Our second day in Amsterdam started with an epic breakfast at a place we found using tripadvisor. Anne & Max is not a touristy pla   ce (they asked how the people next to us, also Americans, had found it since they don’t ever have non locals) but they do have English menus if you ask.  It’s a bit pricy but you can definitely eat a brunch there and not be hungry for a while.  Plus you get any kind of latte you want and freshly squeezed orange juice with all the breakfast options, so I’m going to call it a win.

Our tower of breakfast for two!

Afterward, we headed downtown to the Dam square for some sight seeing and people watching.  We wandered around the streets and canals and looked at the beautiful old buildings.  We walked through the Delft pottery shops and saw the floating flower market.  We stopped in a few cheese shops and sampled…a fair amount.  We brought some back too.  Eventually we ended up at the Rijksmuseum, where we unfortunately had to wait in the rain to get in,despite having advance purchase tickets.  It was a good museum though, lots of interesting art, and I would definitely recommend the audio guide or free app because there are so many guided tour options depending on your interests.

Beautiful library at the Rijksmuseum

After the museum closed, we headed to the Jordaan neighborhood to wander around and grab dinner.  Unfortunately, I tried to make reservations for the Anne Frank house about a month before the trip, but that wasn’t enough, and the lines to get in are so long that it wasn’t feasible for a 48 hour trip.  If I make it back to Amsterdam, that is definitely on my list.  But my advice to others would be to make reservations there as soon as you can.

After dinner, we took a canal boat tour, there are plenty of companies offering the same/similar tours so it probably doesn’t make much difference which you choose.  Unfortunately the canals in the red light district were undergoing renovations so we had to take an alternative route.  The audioguide was interesting, and seeing the canals and canal houses at dusk was beautiful, something I’d definitely recommend.  Afterward, we headed back to our hotel and the next day flew back to the UK.

Amsterdam 2015 071

Have you been to Amsterdam?  Want to go?  What would you recommend?

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  1. Lucy says:

    Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love Amsterdam. Is such a beautiful city. The buildings always make me feel like I’m in a drawing 🙂

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    1. Thanks, I did! And I know! It’s a shame Amsterdam is more famous for its raunchier side than its beauty!

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  2. Sounds like a really fun trip! My boyfriend and I flew to Amsterdam from London for 48 hours last July and had a great time, too!

    My two top recommendations from that visit were to stay at Hotel Estherea (a bit of a splurge but worth EVERY penny for a romantic get-away) and delicious/affordable dinner and drinks at Winkel 43 in the Jordaan neighborhood. My food was so good I even instagramed it (hah!): https://instagram.com/p/quS4NHmLHq/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That does look delicious!! We should have spent a little more on the hotel but in the end being just outside city centre worked well for us. That looks like a great hotel though!


  3. The food looks quite delicious !!! I’ve good memories of the food I ate in Amsterdam, but I would be unable to find these places again 😀

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