GPSmyCity Giveaway!

I’m a big fan of walking/biking/basically any kind of tours so here’s a great giveaway I’m excited about! AmandaAfield has partnered with GPSmyCity to host a giveaway of a FREE city guide to the city of your choice on their app! GPSmyCity provides city walking guides and tours via the app along with informative articles and maps.  The tours cover a variety of interests, so whether you’re looking for nightlife, antiques or local cuisine, they’ve got something for you!

I’ll be giving away 20 promo codes for a free download of the city of your choice on the GPSmyCity app (worth USD 4.99), and you can enter below! The promo codes work on both iOS and Android devices.

Enter the contest by commenting on this post with where your next destination is! If you haven’t got one planned, let me know what your dream destination would be!


-The promo codes can be used on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

-This contest is open until June 5, 2016. Any entries after this date will not be accepted.

-The FREE promo code for the winners of the City Walks App Giveaway will be sent to you by email after June 6, 2016.

-Please note that each promo code is tied to a city. Once a promo code is issued, it will expire in 28 days if it is not used by then. Once downloaded, the City Walks app does not expire.

-Promo codes will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis! Remember we only have 20 to distribute so comment below now!

-Don’t forget to use a valid email address when commenting as you will receive the promo code via the email address used in the comment.

-For a list of cities that are covered, visit!

The contest runs from 1 June 2016 until midnight on 5 June 2016, so get your entries in!  I’ll contact all winners by 10 June 2016.  Good luck!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Neidotta says:

    My next destination will be my home country Finland’s capital city Helsinki because who doesn’t love their own country? I have never really get to know Helsinki (or even visited properly) so this would be good oportunity to do that. 🙂

    And I think it is amazing you are hosting a giveaway! Thank you for this oportunity.


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    1. Awesome! That sounds like it will be a great adventure, I’m visiting Helsinki in a few weeks as well so I can’t wait to check out your posts!


  2. I’m off to Madrid in July – I’d love to win to help guide me around the streets!

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    1. Sounds like an awesome trip! Madrid is on my wish list as well!

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      1. Hi Amanda, did you get my reply to your email (Madrid, iOS)? I think my email account has been playing up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, apologies. I’ve just returned from holiday, where I didn’t have reliable internet (I thought I would). I’ll send it soon.


  3. Expatorama says:

    I guess it would have to be Johannesburg for me…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes could definitely come in handy for navigating even the local cities!


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