The While in Europe List Round III

We’ve committed to another year in the UK, but I think this time it will definitely be the last one. Which means we have to travel as much as possible while it’s still cheap to visit Europe.

Our ever growing bucket/while we live in Europe list has been updated since last year, and since then we’ve visited most of the places we hoped to, and have plans for the rest in the not too distant future.
Krakow-the history, architecture and food! We visited Krakow in December 2016, ate so many pierogis, visited Christmas markets and paid our respects at Auschwitz. It was a weekend we won’t soon forget.

Ben Nevis-It’s the only one of the three peaks we still haven’t summited (we hit the highest in Wales and England, only Scotland remains!) We have finally conquered the three peaks (even if it took us 3 years). We finished off with a Ben Nevis hike this August.

Switzerland We flew to Zurich this summer and spent a few days exploring Grindelwald and hiking with friends.

-Oktoberfest!- We survived the worlds biggest beer festival, and it was awesome!

-Madrid-Because who can say no to art, churros and tapas?-We have flights booked for January 2018, and I’m looking forward to spending a few days in Madrid and Toledo.
Nice and Monaco We spent a gorgeous weekend in the Cote d’Azur getting our fill of sun and rose wine this spring.

The Cotswolds A four day walking holiday around the Cotswolds was a really enjoyable way to spend the Easter holidays.


Greece- Athens and some beautiful islands -Still on the list!

-RomeWe spent a long weekend being awed by ancient structures and delicious Gelato in March.


Croatia – Plitvice National Park, Dubrovnik and the Dalmation Coast A week long road/boat/train trip around Croatia and Slovenia was the highlight of our spring vacations.

-Cinque Terre- cliffside towns, hiking and wine? Yes please.- Still on our to do list, but we’ve booked a hotel there for our trip in the spring!

And there are a few new additions!

We’ve put our hats in the ring for tickets to the world cup in Russia next summer.

A trip around Romania is currently topping our wishlist, the castles, mountains and history all sound amazing.

We’d like to visit more of Eastern Europe as well, Belgrade and Sarajevo look intriguing.

Porto seems like an awesome weekend getaway, warm weather and port!

A wine tour in Tuscany is currently in the works and I can’t wait!

What’s on your travel to-do list?


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  1. Darlene says:

    So much to see and do in Europe. You have seen a lot! We plan to visit Venice, Greece and maybe Croatia this coming year. Possibly a driving trip to France. And more of Span of course.

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    1. Those all sound like great destinations! I look forward to reading about them!

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Iceland is at the top of my list for this year (fingers crossed)! Otherwise, the Balkans are second. I’ve been to Madrid and the Cinque Terre: the former has amazing food and the latter has breathtaking views. Hope you can make it over there some day!

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    1. Iceland is amazing, I hope you get to visit! Any suggestions for things I have to eat in Madrid? Where did you visit in the Cinque Terre?

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      1. Rebecca says:

        In Madrid, the cocido madrileno is their local dish– should be shared with two people, though! Their hot chocolate and churros at the San Ginés Chocolateria is a must, too.

        I visited all five villages in the Cinque Terre; I stayed in a hostel in Corniglia, since it was halfway between two of the villages in the north and two of the villages in the south. Definitely plan to spend at least three days there to hike from village to village. Hope this helps!


  3. Reblogged this on Travel Inspire Connect and commented:
    Romania, the Balkans and Eastern Europe for me… maybe we’ll see you there, Amanda!

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    1. Maybe! I’m really looking forward to traveling there!

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